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Everlast Boxing Guards

Everlast Brands are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of boxing and fitness related sporting goods equipment under the well-recognized owners. Everlast brand name and a worldwide licensor of boxing and fitness related equipment Everlast brand are renowned for apparel, footwear, sporting goods equipment and other active lifestyle products and accessories. Since 1910, Everlast Brand has been the preeminent brand in the world of boxing and among the most recognized brands in the overall sporting goods and apparel industries. In order to capitalize on the rich heritage and authenticity of the Everlast brand, the company has extended the Everlast brand outside of the boxing ring into complementary product categories. Everlast Brands seek to become a leading global athletic brand and a necessary part of the lives of consumers who train, compete and live an active lifestyle. Everlast sport surfacing has been leading the industry in innovative product development since its foundation in 1989.

Boxing is a deadly game so there are several defensive positions (guards or styles) used in this game. Everlast Boxing Guards within each situation is considerable of its variation among fighters, as some fighters may have their Everlast Boxing Guards higher for more head protection while others have their everlast boxing guards lower to provide better protection against body punches. Many fighters vary their defensive style throughout a bout in order to adapt to the situation of the moment, choosing position best suited to protect them.

The Everlast Boxing Guards are ground grappling position where one combatant has their back to the ground, while attempting to control the other combatant using the legs. In pure grappling combat sports, the guard is considered a beneficial position, since the bottom combatant can attack with various joint locks and chokeholds, while the top combatant's priority is to transition into a more dominant position, a process known as passing the guard.

There are various types of positions taken by boxers with Everlast Boxing Guards i.e. Open Guard or also known as butterfly guard is used in judo training. While the open guard typically used to perform various joint locks and chokeholds. Open guard is also a general term that encompasses a large number of guard positions where the legs are used to push, wrap or hook the opponent without locking the ankles together around them.

Everlast Boxing Guards include Spider Guard; this position involves controlling the opponent arm using the soles of the feet to control the opponent at the biceps, hips, thighs or a combination of them. It is most effective when the sleeves of the opponent can be grabbed. Rubber Guard is one other type of Everlast Boxing Guard; a position that keeps the opponent down. Nino Schembri used this boxing guard first time but popularized and made as a system by Eddie Bravo.

Boxing is a lethal game to stay protected and save with professional quality. Everlast Boxing Guards are used to protect chest cavity from injury. Chest protectors and groin guards are best preferred to be used during the practice of Everlast Boxing Guards. As for protection and safety Everlast Boxing Guards are best. These guards provide special features, spinal protection, easy cord drawstring, frontal closure, hip flap and tailbone flap.

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